Gayang Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu

So after the long day at the Wildlife Park, off we go to Gayang Seafood Restaurant. According to my cousin, this restaurant is usually the choice for local while tourist usually picks Salut Seafood because it is like the first restaurant you will reach around this area. Gayang is located further down the road and not really visible from the main road. The first thing you do before going to your table is to choose the live seafood which will be served to you in a  bit! See the huge  selection they have here?

Noticed the plastic bottles in the tank? Each of the bottle actually contains 1 mantis prawn!! The boss explained that by doing this, the mantis can be separated with each other and will not fight. Thus, the mantis served will be in perfect condition. wow wow..

The restaurant is shaped like a huge canopy on stilt next to the mangrove. or on the mangrove. whichever is more correct ..This is the crowd at 6plus in the evening.. we were lucky we managed to arrive early before it’s packed to the brim.


their worker very expert…..


our highlight of the day…. butter prawn wet version… juicy and fresh


zoom in…. steam prawn…. very fresh….


steam fish… forgot already what fish… simply cooked but really tasty.


this one cannot forget… crab … black & pepper…


the one & only sabah vege cooked with belachan…. fuuuhhhhh….


Lontong at Sek 14

Kalau cakap ko orang Johor, mesti ko orang  suka makan lontong kan?  Tapi aku tak suka sangat lontong ni.. Dia punya kuah tu dari santan kan.. Sebab nak jaga badan punya pasal tipu aku dah bertahun2 tak makan lontong..

Anyway, office aku baru pindah ke seksyen 14.. So ada satu hari tu kitaorang pegi area digital mall untuk breakfast.. Kalau korang perasan kat Digital Mall tu ada satu pasar macam tersorok.. Entrance dia between digital mall dengan KFC.. Kat tingkat 2 ada satu food court.. Carik kedai yang beratur paling panjang.. Tu lah dia..

Some facts pasal makcik ni masa aku google :

Sapiah Kasbollah (Mak Yah), 74 was born in JB and lived in Singapore before moving to KL in 1972. She started selling lontong at a carpark outside a wet market in Sek14, PJ. In 1980s the wet market was demolished n replaced by the current market n hawker complex where the stall is now located. Her lontong recipe is Singaporean – Johorean.

lontong 3

makcik tgh prepare lontong dan segala ramuannya… nyam.. nyam..

lontong 2 lontong

dua pinggan aku bedal…. sedap nyer…..

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